Private Health Insurance for foreign Students in Germany over 30 years or 14 semesters


I am from India and studying in Germany now. I am in Germany for 1 year.
Now, I am 30 years old and I have to change my insurance.

I have 4 questions:
1. Could you please recommend me an affordable health insurance in my case which will be useful for my visa extension in Germany.
2. Can I submit this insurance card for my visa extension for Germany and how long I have to do contract ?
3. Can I cancel the contract period if I have any reason to do it and what insurance benefits will I get while going for a general check-up like a blood test, etc?
4. How long will it take for getting my doctor payment bill?


If you are already in Germany for 1 year, then you can take the private health insurance Care College for max. 5 years. For foreign students over 30 years, we recommend this affordable private health insurance tariff from only 28 Euros / month ....

Price: from 28 Euro / Month
Max. duration: up to 5 years

For the coverage of medical expenses during your studies or language course, the above insurance plan would be most suitable. We recommend purchasing it as "Comfort” policy. For just 35 euros per month (after the 19th policy month, 59 euros) you will get comprehensive insurance coverage, without any general deductible. Only in the case of gynecological examinations and treatments is a deductible in the amount of 25 euros per insured event included.

Insurance documents: A few minutes after your Online Registration you will receive by email your insurance documents as PDF Files. These documents are needed for your doctor's appointment, but also for the presentation at embassies, consulates, and foreign authorities. Print and use them for your next doctor's visit, for Visa Application or Extension.

Deductible: The health insurance Care College is available in 3 variants: Basic, Comfort or Premium. Please note that within the scope of the Care College tariff as a "Basic" variant, a deductible (self-participation) of EUR 50,- per insurance case are payable by you. This means that you will have to pay 50, - EUR for each insured event.
Therefore we recommend you better the variant "Comfort" or "Premium".

Duration of the insurance: Please do also keep in mind that you should take out the insurance for a sufficient period of time. In case of a renewal or extension in some cases, an extension might be refused.
But on the other side you are always able to terminate the insurance also earlier under the conditions described on our website, so we recommend you to apply already now for the longest thinkable time period (max. possible: 5 years) and later eventually cancel earlier.

All Detail and Online Application you can find here ...

Best Value for the money.
Got everything on time and did use the documents without problem to obtain a visa in the German embassy.
We love you guys and are very appreciative of everything you do!

Svetlana, Russia

Excellent experience. I have nothing but good things to say about this website and the online application service.
Their pricing is fair and reasonable.

Sara, Australia

I am a long-term visitor in Germany and needed quickly a cheap insurance.
Got my insurance docs within minutes. Best Value for the money.


Rahul, India

We have received the documents REALLY within minutes and were able to extend our visa.

Great service. Can only recommend it.
Will use it definitely also in future.

Christina, Brazil
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Private Health Insurance in Germany for Foreign Students, Visitors and Expatriates