Ph.D. Student Health Insurance in Germany and Europe
from €28.00 / month (max. 5 years) !


I will be a Ph.D. student at the Technical University of Berlin this year. I turn 30 on October 22, and I was wondering whether the student health insurance for EUR 28 a month would give me the necessary certificate to enroll? Thanks for your help.


International Ph.D. students and students over 30 years are not obliged to take the German public social state/compulsory health insurance.
As Ph.D. Student from abroad, we would like to recommend the private insurance plan "Care College": health-insurance-language-student.html

Price: from EUR 28.00 / month
Long Duration: up to max. 5 years


Under the insurance tariff "Care College", there are three different sub-tariffs: Basic, Comfort, or Premium. We recommend to consider at least the health insurance tariff College Comfort (Price: only EUR 35,00 per month).
To name a few of the strong points of the College Comfort insurance:

  1. No cost-sharing in case of reimbursement (except for gynecologists)
  2. A credit note for one month's premium if no claims within 12 months
  3. Better treatment, up to 2.3 times the rate of the scale of fees


Health Insurance Card in Germany for PhD Students


Our Recommendation for foreign international Ph.D. Students in Germany:

If you have glasses or often have problems with your teeth, we recommend as the best option the Premium tariff, which offers the most luxury and extras (from only EUR 63,00 / month).


Click here for all Details and Prices of the Health Insurance for international Ph.D. students: health-insurance-language-student.html


Master Student Degree and Postgraduate Program in Germany and Europe.
General Information

A Master's Degree generally takes 2 or 3 years to complete.

Master's students must complete preparatory coursework and undertake comprehensive examination and thesis project activities. Some master's programs require a written thesis, and others offer an option between a thesis and a comprehensive exam.

An important way in which the master's program differs from most doctoral/PhD programs is in the level of financial aid available to the students. Most programs do not offer as much aid to master's degree students as doctoral students, and the students often pay most or all of their tuition fees.

Students from the postgraduate programs or second-degree programs in German universities are very successful in the international job market, especially in the technical and scientific areas.

Some popular Master's degree programs in Germany:

  • Master of Arts, M.A
  • Master of Science, M.Sc.
  • Master of Engineering, M.Eng.
  • Master of Laws, L.L.M
  • Master of Fine Arts M.F.A.
  • Master of Music, M.Mus.


Ph.D. Student Programs / Doctoral Degree in Germany and Europe

A doctoral degree (in German: Doktorand) is a more advanced degree than a Master's degree.

In Germany, a student with Diploma from the university (Universität) can enter a doctoral program directly if the student meets the admission requirements. On the other hand, a Fachhochschule (FH) student with Diploma must have excellent grades to enter a doctorate program directly.

However, the Ph.D. researcher program takes time. Depending on the program, a candidate Ph.D. student needs up to 8 years to complete. Typically, a Dr. Ph.D. program entails 2-3 years of coursework and a dissertation, a research project designed to uncover new knowledge in the student's field and be of publishable quality.

Most doctoral and Ph.D. programs offer various forms of financial aid like Erasmus scholarships, fellowship, or loans for international students. The availability and forms of aid vary by discipline and institution. Ph.D. Students in some programs earn master's degrees "along the way."

Ph.D. Student Health Insurance from EUR 28.00 / month, more details here ...

Best Value for the money.
Got everything on time and did use the documents without problem to obtain a visa in the German embassy.
We love you guys and are very appreciative of everything you do!

Svetlana, Russia

Excellent experience. I have nothing but good things to say about this website and the online application service.
Their pricing is fair and reasonable.

Sara, Australia

I am a long-term visitor in Germany and needed quickly a cheap insurance.
Got my insurance docs within minutes. Best Value for the money.


Rahul, India

We have received the documents REALLY within minutes and were able to extend our visa.

Great service. Can only recommend it.
Will use it definitely also in future.

Christina, Brazil
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