Medical Health Insurance for Foreign Students in Germany and Austria
From EUR 28.00 / month (up to 5 years)

Which international students and pupils can be insured at this price?

The health insurances "Care College Basic, Premium and Comfort" apply to all foreigners who wish to stay in Germany or Austria for the purpose of language education, training, or further education.

Specifically, these are:

  • All foreign students in Germany or Austria
  • Foreign language students (e.g., in a German course at a private language school, university, or Volkshochschule VHS)
  • Foreigners who participate in courses on intellectual or musical training at state or private school institutions (Academy of Music, Music school, Music Conservatory or College)
  • Foreigners who are preparing for the DSH or TestDaF exam and university
  • Foreigners in the German Studienkolleg (Health Insurance for Studienkolleg students)
  • All foreign scholarship holders/grantees
  • Postgraduate students from abroad (Private Health Insurance for Postgraduate / Promotion students)
  • Ph.D. student (Medical Insurance for Ph.D. students)
  • Foreign trainees (Travel insurance for internship in Germany or the EU / Schengen)
  • Students for further education/training at German universities and colleges
  • Participants in the DAAD, Erasmus+, Socrates, Erasmus Mundus, Leonardo da Vinci, Comenius, or Grundtvig exchange programs (Sickness Insurance for exchange students)
  • Working Holiday students
  • Foreign students with "Work and Travel" programs (Work & Travel Health Insurance)
  • Foreign students in "Work and Study" programs (Work and Study Health Insurance)

Price: from EUR 28.00 / Month
Max. Duration: up to 5 years

Insurance documents:

A few minutes after your Online Registration, you will receive your insurance documents by email. These documents are needed for your doctor's appointment, presentation at embassies, consulates, foreign authorities, and Border stations. Please print out these PDF files and use them for your next doctor's visit, Visa Application, or Extension.

All Detail and Online Application you can find here: health-insurance-language-student.html




Best Value for the money.
Got everything on time and did use the documents without problem to obtain a visa in the German embassy.
We love you guys and are very appreciative of everything you do!

Svetlana, Russia

Excellent experience. I have nothing but good things to say about this website and the online application service.
Their pricing is fair and reasonable.

Sara, Australia

I am a long-term visitor in Germany and needed quickly a cheap insurance.
Got my insurance docs within minutes. Best Value for the money.


Rahul, India

We have received the documents REALLY within minutes and were able to extend our visa.

Great service. Can only recommend it.
Will use it definitely also in future.

Christina, Brazil
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