Public Health Insurance for Students in Germany:
Comparison, Changing and Cheapest Premiums
(like AOK, TK, DAK, BKK, BEK, GEK, KKH and others)


When is the public health insurance (GKV) possible for students in Germany?
The Requirements:

1. Do you have already an admission to university or college?

In this case the public health insurance (GKV) is possible for you.
(copy of registration certificate and later semester confirmation of registration is needed)

Exception: Doctoral Studies.
If you are a PhD Student please read more about a possible private Health Insurance Plan in Germany from only 28 Euro / month ...


2. Age of students:

- Under 30:
public health insurance for students is possible

- Over 30:
only if the person was previously insured for at least one year by a public health insurance company like AOK, TK and similiar. In this case a student health insurance is still possible, but the price for older students (over 30 years) is about 2 times higher (about 200 Euros).

Our recommendation:
For all newcomer students over 30 years we recommend the affordable private health insurance by Hanse-Merkur (from only 28 Euro / month). For details please click here ...


3. If the student had public health insurance previously for a period of at least 18 months, the public health insurance company can be changed.

a) Cancelation period:
the current month + 2 full months

b) The new membership begins at the end of the 18. month or after the cancelation period.


4. The student was previously not insured in any public health insurance company

a) If you are at the beginning of your study (1.semester):
The membership in the public health insurance starts at the beginning of the semester (see point 1 above).

b) If you already started your study and up to now have been a member of a private health insurance company,
a membership in the public health insurance is not possible (exemption from the mandatory health insurance ).


5. The client is insured through family insurance by their parents (family insurance for students)

Health insurance for students is possible for the students, after they turn 25 years old. Up to this age no insurance is needed, because the student is subscribed for free on the compulsory public health insurance of the parents.

Our recommendation:

For all students over 30 years old:
Affordable private health insurance specifically for students over 30 years or 14 semesters ...

For all foreign students and exchange students:
Cheap travel insurance from only 28 € / month ...


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Private Health Insurance in Germany for Foreign Students, Visitors and Expatriates